ExtremeScrum Pro

Get familiar with the concept of Scrum, potential pitfalls and resolution to challenges faced while rolling out Scrum and how members become better and more effective beyond industries and teams in Scaled environment.

ExtremeScrum Pro+

Learn Scrum as a COMPLETE end to end solution – and not just as a Framework. Understand how all 3 Roles of Scrum work in alignment, how the ceremonies work and how the 3 artefacts are delivered. This workshop enables you to become a master of BOTH Scrum and Product Ownership – with due deep dive in Engineering Excellence. 

ExtremeScrum Coach

Smart Coaches not only help train corporate teams on the agile methodology, but oversee the development of agile teams to ensure effective outcomes for the organization. Our 2+1 Days of intensive ExtremeScrum Coach workshop prepares an existing agile professional towards leading complex and diversified Agile Transformations.

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Client Testimonials

All the people we have worked with have been a great inspiration to us and the coaching relationship that we created in the process is something truly remarkable.

Thank you for your awesome, inspiring, relieving and insightful session! This opened up valuable new perspectives on enabling agility in my organization. It was just amazing!


Thank you for your coaching and also for the lively, discussion oriented workshop that you provided. It helped me both personally and professionally, which has been extremely valuable for my business success.